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Hongera Barcelona, School Meeting and Some Lovely Monkey Pictures :)

Posted on: May 28, 2009

The UEFA champions league final was yesterday. It was a pretty sad moment to know that I might not watch the game especially that Barcelone is playing. However, Eric came to the rescue and offered to take us out to watch the game, no more sad moments :). We met at Chicken Hut and head to Lilly’s Garden to watch the game on a big projector.

The game was supposed to start at 21:45, we got there around 21:00 minus epsilon, but the place was already full. Actually, we can never say full \footnote{After the daladala experience nothing is ever full}. We sat there got drinks. The Bavaria 0.0% alcohol apple flavored was sooo gooood…

21:45 the game started and everybody was cheering everybody. It was awesome! This is how people cheer in a soccer match 🙂

Of course, Barcelone won the game. A lot of people, including me were very happy. Eric, on the other hand, was a Man Utd fan. He didn’t like that fact too much, but he had certainly enjoyed the game. The game was great.

One very interesting thing about watching soccer outdoors on a projector is butterflies. They are very attracted to the projector light and for a while I thought that there huge birds flying by the screens. But… Wait a minute… There are not birds at night! Those are just butterflies trying to kill themselves!

We got home by 00:00 feeling very tired, but happy for the victory. Our daily schedule have been waking up @ 7:00 to get ready to walk to work (w2w) by 8:00. But, feeling very tired we woke up today @ 8:00 and head off to our meeting with the primary school.

We walked a lot today… we still have to walk back home tonight, but walking is good. It is always good to walk. In any case, we went to the school in the morning. Got there on time and met with one of the teachers.

The teacher was very friendly, welcoming and very excited about our project. Although the meeting was by no means techy, it was very helpful and informative. The school is going to close for holidays very soon. Teachers are very busy with the final exams and getting student reports done. Nevertheless, they were happy to meet with us before their holiday starts. We are looking forward for our next meeting with the teachers, where we are going to get a better idea on the challenges they face and get started with developing a solution.

Now, monkeys! If you are following us on Twitter, you’ll know that we saw a lot of monkeys recently. Here are some pictures of the monkeys living *next door*.

Can you count the three monkeys?

Can you count the three monkeys?

Monkeys are having fun!

Monkeys are having fun!

Some monkeys dont like pictures

Some monkeys don't like pictures

Some onkeys like cameras

Some monkeys like cameras

Chillin monkey!!!

Chillin' monkey!

Brad & Dan looking for monkeys

Brad & Dan looking for monkeys

Finally, a (group picture – 1) of the team working very hard in the office

the team in the office working really hard

The team in the office working really hard


4 Responses to "Hongera Barcelona, School Meeting and Some Lovely Monkey Pictures :)"

Hi Hatem! Thoroughly enjoyed this entry :). Yay monkeys!

Hatem, don’t get too close to the monkeys that like the camera — they will grab your camera and run away with it! Ask Sarah if you don’t believe me! 🙂

ohh wooow.. i don’t wanna loose my camera for a monkey 🙂
thx for the advice

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