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Nom Nom Atrium

Posted on: June 5, 2009

CMU during the summer is a completely different environment from CMU during the school year. The cut normally plastered with students is often vacant. The dining areas, normally at peak capacity during lunch hours are littered with only professors having lunch. I even passed through the game room and for the first time I can remember didn’t see people dancing. Strangely the only place people seem to accumulate is the little office I work in which I was told people never visit. They’re working on some robot related projects I’m sure will be awesome when completed.

That being said, the most significant change on campus really has little to do with the summer experience. The Gates center, continually nearing completion has eaten Newell-Simon. Asiana, a student favorite Asian food eatery, has been relocated into a classroom nearby as the Atrium has been completely boarded off. Even the staircase between the 3rd and 4th floors of the building is off limits. While a walkway between Newell-Simon and the Gates center will undoubtedly be amazing, the suddenly disappearing Atrium has caught me a little off guard.

Regardless of the state of campus, serving as a tech floater for the team on the ground has been a hectic experience. Following the first week of the program things have really accelerated, the team has gotten comfortable and consequently I have reached that state that no matter how long I work I will always have more that can be done. Preliminarily my work involved doing some research on the net to try to collect information that may prove useful to the ground team. The connection has often been spotty in Tanzania and I try to collect whatever information I can in an easy format.

There should be a lot more information on the projects themselves in the coming weeks as preparations start to bear fruit. From earlier posts you can tell our paperwork has straightened out and they’ve already been through initial meetings with the clients. The next couple weeks should be really exciting as things continue to snowball. I hope you’ll continue to read these posts to see how these weeks shape up! (:


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