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3 minutes.

Posted on: June 12, 2009

One pretty significant part of doing research is presenting research in the hopes that some people will give you money in order to allow you to do more research. Presentation skills tend to be oft. ignored but incredibly essential part of any research project. For the most part the team on the ground has been doing most of the presenting and discussing as they meet the people who will be using our work. This week however I was asked to give a short demo of the Braille tutor for a special guest that would be coming in this Friday, no idea of length or my audience, just that I would be presenting to someone in business. So, I asked Brad for his notes amended them slightly, and prepared for all intents and purposes to give a short demo to the guest. Quickly this expanded to giving a quick overview of the iSTEP program so my demo evolved into a spiel and a demo. Then I learned my audience grew from 1 business man, to an audience of about 20.

By Friday the only thing I really only knew I’d be doing is presenting to 20 individuals involved in business. I even had to ping someone 30 minutes before the presentation as I hadn’t yet received information about the place to present. Upon meeting the group who was touring the facilities and asking how much time we had to present we were notified that it’d be 3 minutes. Erin assisted me by breezing through the information about the iSTEP program and I amended the demo to touch on learning dot placement, learning letters, and the animal sounds game before trying to move them along. It was an interesting exercise in thinking and adapting on my feet. It’s a skill I’m sure the ground team is utilizing everyday and something that’s going to be valuable in the later game when we wrap up and try to show of what the iSTEP program can do as I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’ll have to talk about the program.


1 Response to "3 minutes."

..and you did a great job! It’s tough to sum it all up in 3 minutes – but now you know how to do that :).

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