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Uhuru and Haircut Pictures

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Quick updates:

Today I got to visit Uhuru school and meet with the headmaster for the blind section. Bea and I interviewed him about needs, desires, strengths and areas for improvement for the blind school. We learned a lot, and are really excited for where we can go with this project. Uhuru is very different from the Mathru school, and as a result the Braille Tutor will play a different function within this school, but that’s the challenging and exciting part: thinking of something new. The best part was having the headmaster play with the tutor. He laughed, and really enjoyed it. It’s great to have his enthusiasm to feed off, and he’s been a fun guy to work with.

Bea and Timi have been working really hard this week, traveling basically every day, but the information they’re getting is going to guide the tech progress through the next few weeks. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more tech work in the coming weeks. I know I have a lot of work coming up, so hopefully Bea and Timi can get a break while the tech leads and floaters gear up for more.

It’s Dan’s birthday on sunday. We were planning to go to Zanzibar, but we’re pushing that off for one more week. Instead we’re going to have a cookout and then hit the beach!

My complaint is that the Lariam (anti-malaria pills) I’m taking has been giving me some side effects. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping, and when I do sleep, I wake up often from strangely vivid dreams. It’s tolerable, but not fun. Still, as Dan has pointed out, it’s better than malaria, so I’m gonna keep taking the pills.

Lastly, as requested, pictures of my haircuts. Thanks to Timi, who did a fantastic job. I actually had two, first a real haircut, and then because it was still too long, a buzz cut. Shortest I think I’ve ever had my hair.

Shaggy, and very warm

Shaggy, and very warm

Much cleaner.

Much cleaner.

It may not look fantastic, but it is incredibly practical. My head is about 10 degrees cooler now.

It may not look fantastic, but it is incedibly practical. My head is about 10 degrees cooler now.


3 Responses to "Uhuru and Haircut Pictures"

Your head is so delightfully oval!

That’s the great part of introducing the technology to different places – there’s always new perspectives! I’m really excited to see what comes out of it! Have a good weekend :).

Hopefully the wierd dreams will subside! It is the shortest I have ever seen your hair.

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